Friday, November 4, 2011

Some of My Favorite Writer's Books - Part 2

It didn't surprise me that ten minutes after I posted about my favorite books on writing the other day, I thought of some others. Of course. Once my brain turned in that direction, it refused to turn off. So here are some other books I've read and loved and read again on my path to becoming a published writer. Maybe you've read some of these...or all of these, but even if you have, they're worth keeping around. On those days when the words won't come, I like to open up one of these and start reading. They ground me. They remind me why writing is the best job ever. So, here we go:

Stephen King's On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Lawrence Blocks' Telling Lies for Fun & Profit was the book that convinced me that I should stop trying to write short stories when what I really wanted to write was a novel. Like Stephen King's book above, this is a definite case of "learn from the master." Great stuff.

Rotten Reviews & Rejections - Because there are days when it simply helps to know that you're not alone. Even the great writers faced rejection (and sometimes ridicule).

And just for fun, because writing is fun, and sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. Guaranteed to make you smile, even if you received a rejection recently. Snoopy is an outrageous and courageous writer. He says and does the things that all of us wish we could do.

Enjoy reading...and writing!

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