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Here you'll find links to all the writing posts I've written. This page will be updated as new articles appear on the blog.

The Journey from Traditional Publishing to Indie Publishing: Part 1

Oh, the Books That You'll Write - Part 1 (Becoming a Writer)

Oh, the Books That You'll Write... - Step Two

How to Stay Sane While Writing a Book

Writing Tip of the Day - Jiggle Your Imagination

Writing Tip of the Day - Ignore the "Nevers." Find Your Method

Writing Tip of the Day - Clear Your Mind

Writing Tip of the Day - Line Up Your Scenes

Writing Tip - Learn to Love the Red Pen

Writer's Tip - A Little Trust Goes a Long Way

The Road to Revisions

Writing Tip - Be Aware of Your Bad Habits

Writing Tip - Live the Book

Writing Tip - About That Elephant Ripping Up the Living Room

Writing Tip - Simplifying the Hunt for Perfect Character Names

Writing Tips - Ways to Jump-start a Book

Some of My Favorite Writer's Reference Books

Some of My Favorite Writer's Books - Part 2

Writing Tips - A Trip to the Idea Factory (or...Where to Get Ideas)

Writer's Tip - Conflict is the Name of the Game

Writing Tip: Know How Biology Affects Your Writing

Write Just One Sentence

Writing Jumpstarter: Concentrate on Visuals

"Please Like My Babies (I Mean…Books)": Sending Your Characters Out Into the Big, Wide World

Fear and Writing

11 Things to Make Writing Easier (and Faster)

Reading and Writing: Some Thoughts

Write 100 Words, Create 10 Ideas...

Writing: The Hard Part

11 Reasons Why I Read (and Write) Romance

Daily Reminder (for Readers and Writers, or Maybe Just for Myself)

Write It Like Jack and the Beanstalk

Favorite Reference Books

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