Friday, May 3, 2024

Are You a Fan of Historical Mysteries?

I've always had eclectic tastes in reading material. Obviously, Romance has been my chief interest, but I've delved into a number of other genres, and I have a pretty extensive library of nonfiction books. The one area I haven't yet warmed up to is horror, and until recently I was rather lukewarm on mysteries. But for the past few years, I've really gotten into historical mysteries. There's just something fascinating and exciting about a mystery where the person trying to solve a crime doesn't have access to modern technology to aid them. So with that in mind I'll just mention a few of my favorite historical mystery series.

The Sebastian St. Cyr series by C. S. Harris. The books take place primarily in Regency England, and the main character, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, begins the series (19 books so far) by being accused of a murder himself.

Ashley Gardner (who is also Jennifer Ashley) also has a Regency mystery series, the Captain Lacey series. The main character is a retired military officer who likes to see justice carried out.

The Below Stairs Kat Holloway mysteries are also by Jennifer Ashley. Kat Holloway is a young cook employed in a Victorian Mansion who, (with her friend Daniel McAdam), solves mysteries.

I love the fact that there are a number of books in each series, so that I always have a new one to look forward to.

Happy Reading!


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