Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Wow, Can It Really Be 2024?

When last I posted, it was to say that I was reverting the blog back to my old title myrnamackenzie.blogspot. Since then, there have been some changes, so if you still have the old url in hand, that will now work to get you here, too. My other website is now found at Needless to say, I need to update a great deal on both sites.

Here in Illinois, we're awaiting the arrival of the 17 year cicadas with their beady red eyes and incessant noise (and mess, as they die and leave the husks of their bodies attached to trees and piling up on the ground). Fortunately, they're harmless, except to young trees and shrubs. For that, we have netting. Here's a look at what's blooming in my yard (we're having an early spring). I hope all is well with everyone out there (if anyone even sees this).


Pink Champagne Clematis

And, of course, lilacs (we have a lot of them).

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