Saturday, May 25, 2024

Cicada Chorus

Since I posted the other day, the cicadas have multiplied. When I go out to pick up the newspaper every morning, my clematis plants are covered in them. And apparently they really like one of the lilacs.

More than a few have ended up inside the house. I have to check my clothes when I come inside, because they 've been known to hitch rides (or even crawl under an article of clothing). Yikes!

Weirdly enough, we visited an arboretum about a half hour from our house and there were far fewer cicadas there, despite all the trees.

It's all very interesting, and I'm glad they're having their fun in the sun (and their chance to live above ground), but I won't be sad when they're back underground and I can garden without having them fly in my face (they apparently set their sits on anything that's vertical).

Have a great day!


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