Monday, June 3, 2024

Why Would An Author Retitle Books? Here's My Story

For the first twentyish years I was writing and selling books, Harlequin was the publisher of all of my books. Then I moved on and started requesting that the rights to some of my books revert to me. I re-edited them, got new covers and republished them myself, but Harlequin and I had reached an agreement wherein they still retained the manga rights of some (not all) books, while I retained the English publishing rights. That meant when readers looked for the book under the original title, all they would see was the manga cover, so it looked as if the book was just a cartoon graphic novel. To find the other version, you had to click through. So, in the cases where Harlequin was/is still publishing a book in manga form, I've changed the titles, either slightly or completely. However, in the book description, I always note what the original title was. I hope that clears up any confusion and prevents people from accidentally buying a book of mine that they already own. 

Here are the pertinent books. If you click on the cover, it will take you to the Amazon version, although (of course) they are available at other booksellers, such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, Smashwords, etc., or via the library (not sure about the manga versions, but I've enabled all of my republished books to be available in libraries). 

Then there are also the books that had originally been published one at a time (not as a series), but where the books and main characters were definitely related. The Wedding Auction, Wedding Auction 2, Secrets, and Sloane's Cove Twins books all meet that criteria. In those cases, the only change to the title was that I put the series name first to show that they were linked. The remainder of the titles (after the colon) are the same as the originals, except for Secrets: The Rebel's Return, which was originally titled The Scandalous Return of Jake Walker.

Lastly, there are two books where...well, I just disliked the original title (The Daddy List and Morning Beauty, Midnight Beast) so much that I decided to change them. Here they are below with the new titles (and most recent covers) and as they were originally published. Of course, the originals are still available as used paperbacks in various places on the internet.

So, those are the many reasons for my book title changes and, hopefully, as mentioned above, a way to clear up any confusion and make sure that no one accidentally buys the same book twice.

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